MIOPIA dimecres 9 de gener de 2008

  • El joc dels sentits: l'indie als spots de perfums
  • The Enemy: brit-pop de guitarres

00 INTRO John Barry Creole Love Call [Brummel]
01 The Police Synchronicity II [Aqua Brava]
02 Muse Space Dementia [Midnight Poison by Dios]
03 Muse Hysteria [Insolence by Guerlain]
05 Yeah Yeah Yeahs Gold Lion
06 Nicolas Atchine Everything Can Go [L'Homme by Yves St Laurent]
07 Antony & the Johnsons Hope There's Someone [Massimo Dutti]
08 Rooney I'm A Terrible Person [CH by Carolina Herrera]
09 The Enemy 40 Days and 40 Nights
10 The Enemy You're Not Alone